Invitation to Apply

Application Process for the 4th SAMES Class (2016/17) is Now Closed

Country applications for the training course take place in three steps:

Stage 1 – Notice of nomination: the Minister(s) responsible for education in the candidate country send(s) a country application letter to the Coordinator of Pôle de Dakar and/or the Vice Chancellor of UTG accompanied by a list of candidates for training (if possible approximately twenty candidates in order to give the selection committee some leeway).

Stage 2 – Submission of candidates’ application files: for each SAMES training candidate, the Minister(s) send(s) a letter of interest, a CV and a copy of the diplomas certifying that the candidates holds a Bachelor’s-level degree to UTG and/or Pôle de Dakar (see Applicant’s Guide) before 15 February 2016.

Stage 3 – National fundraising: The candidate country must obtain donor financing for their students participation in the three face-to-face events held in Banjul (airplane tickets, accommodation, expenses and part of meal expenses) as well as their university registration and tuition fees in the Master’s in Education at UTG (5.000 USD/student).

All the items of the country application can be sent by email to the training administrator (

Countries who apply are informed of the decision of the selection committee and the following steps of the process (completing the registration of the selected individuals, payment of fees, participation in the activities, and so on).

All candidates selected for the programme must complete their applications before 28th May 2016 (end of face to face event 1). A complete application file includes the following 09 items:

  • Registration Form (Addressed to the training administrator);
  • Letter of interest;
  • Certificate of service (certifying at least three years of seniority and detailing positions occupied as well as the tasks involved);
  • Birth certificate;
  • Certificate of nationality;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Certified copies of diplomas (secondary and other postsecondary); and
  • Postsecondary grade transcripts.