Study Programme

More than 600 Hours of Training over 15 Months

The training in Sectoral Analysis and Management of the Education System (SAMES) is conducted over a period of 15 months.

Lectures, group work and practicals combined, the total volume of teaching is more than 600 hours. This includes seven distance learning modules, an in-class training module, four theme groups (three are in-class and one is online), a group assignment and an individual assignment on country data.

Classes are covered by university lecturers/researchers and training professionals.

A Course that is Mainly Online

The classes and services (teaching resources, forum, chat and tutorials) are available online, on SAMES Web site. A CD-Rom compiling teaching resources is equally distributed at the group classes.

Internet access is indispensible to follow this course, and high debit (ADSL or equivalent) is recommended.